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Rich history

Fletcher Boutique Hotel Slaak-Rotterdam is located in a historical building along de Slaak. In 2010 it's been declared a national heritage site, it being a part of the rebuilding of Rotterdam, a city which had been severely bombed during World War II in 1940. Before becoming a hotel, this building served as a printing house for the social democratic newspaper 'Voorwaarts' and socialist newspaper 'Het Vrije Volk'.

The building is a typical example of the Dutch pre-war 'shake-hands' architecture. This style can be recognized by functional principles in combination with the decorative use of natural materials. This can be seen in the lobby, where the foundation has been covered with strips of natural rocks. The building was designed by Jo Vegter in collaboration with Pieter Arend Leupen.

Before being renovated and becoming a hotel in 2017, the building was previously used as an office and for art exhibitions.

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